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The spreadsheet challenge


We are constantly amazed at how many businesses manage their businesses through the use of spreadsheets. Whilst we would expect most sole traders to operate on this footing it is bizarre to find that some companies with a turnover of over £8 million operate in a similar fashion.

This is understandable at the company's conception when time and resources are often in scarce supply and business practices are not fully established, so one can understand the use of spreadsheets and the flexibility they offer.  As turnover increases these systems become time consuming, un-wieldy and very labour intensive.  Inevitably, information is constantly re-entered.  Most worrying is that key information is not always accessible to management; they do not always know the precise location of said documents.  Even if they are accessible, the spreadsheets are seldom and presented in a multi-user format.  Well paid members of staff become simple data entry clerks.

In the past, trying to systemise these procedures would inevitably involve a great deal of time and expense by the participating companies

Our solution would not.

Within a day, we could take your component spreadsheet and turn them into a supplier and components database populated with your own data.  By using power programming techniques we would develop input screens to your precise requirements with navigational screens for easy access.  From there, it is a small step to adding purchases and stock control.

We are confident that within several days we will have replicated your current business processes and the payback will be immediate.  By basing our modules on your current data there will be no rekeying of information, and therefore, there will be no additional expense to your business.

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